McFee (mightycodking) wrote,

Herbie Hancock wins album of the year at the Grammys

A nice moment for those of us who still enjoy music for musicianship last night, as the Grammy award for Album of the Year was scooped up by 67-year old Herbie Hancock. Herbie was the pianist for Miles Davis' classic quintet in the 60s, and they made some of the best jazz of all time together. He also produced a number of solo albums in the 60s of consistent quality. In the 70s he started exploring funk and African music more with his Mwandishi sextet, then made the classic albums Sextant and Head Hunter (of which the title track I believe has been covered by our good friends Stairwell K). You don't see too many people make classic music in multiple genres but Herbie was that good.

The speculation is that the Amy Winehouse and Kanye West supporters split the "young trash" vote and Herbie came up the middle. Whatever. This may be the last time anyone good wins that Grammy, so cheers to Herbie and I hope a few people are exploring his back catalog today.
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